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Today's inspiration and ocean musings.....

I always get inspiration and energy from walking on the beach. When there happened to be an East wind the night before, all sorts of interesting things are washed up on shore. I usually spend my time ruminating and looking for sea beans. I often wonder what other people are doing out there: are they just running with ear plugs in and listening to wild music to get their feet moving, without noticing their environment? Are they out there to see the sun come up and give thanks for the great day? Are they lonely and looking for respite? Are they homeless and have no other place to go?

It's interesting to see what washes ashore. Some good, some bad. Lot's of native folks scour the beaches every day picking up trash that has washed ashore. That is a gift to Mother Earth.

I remember when I was younger, I didn't have access to the ocean a few feet from my door. I had to drive hours. When I couldn't do that, I found solace taking a walk or a hike. I'm sure you'll laugh when I say "hug a tree".... the same loving energy in you and I are in every living thing on this earth. So if you're not near an ocean, find a place that makes your heart happy, especially in these troubling and fearful times. Find your solace and don't forget to give back to others that are struggling.

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