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Author/Medium Louise Crandall

Evidential Medium: Mediumship Readings
Author: "Into the Light, Phoenix Rising"

Hello.  You have reached the web site of Louise Crandall, author, and Medium. I am excited to let you know that my first book, Into the Light, Phoenix Rising is now available worldwide. You can purchase the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other modalities.

Spiritual Medium Louise Crandall

What is a Medium?

If you're not sure what a medium does, let me help: A medium is a bridge, a translator, standing between two realms. We are a conduit of energy, bringing forth messages from beyond this physical world. A medium is a healer, and a friend to all souls in this world or the next. We communicate by receiving words, pictures, sounds, and thoughts just dropped in by those in spirit. When someone dies, they are exactly the same. They communicate the same and still love those they left behind. There is no fear or darkness in mediumship. "Love like life, never dies" (Mavis Pitilla).


Most of my work is mediumistic, as that is where my heart lies. There are so many loved ones in spirit who are just waiting for the chance to speak to their loved ones on earth, sometimes waiting years to do so. They are the ones who do the scheduling - not I.

1/2 Hour - $50

Psychic Guidance

Intuitive Psychic Guidance

Intuitive, or psychic work allows the medium to touch your vibration and talk about what's happened in your life and also give guidance to any questions you may have that need answering.

1/2 Hour - $50

Spiritual Assessment

Also, there is soul reading or spiritual assessment.  Your soul contains the "architectural plan" of what you are here to accomplish. It also will show you guides who are working with you.  I journey with you to the beginning of your spiritual journey, into the present and into potentials for future.  Usually your guides visit with us to help. 

1/2 Hour - $75

Soul Guide
Auragraph sessions


Auragraphs are a passion of mine. I would compare it to a psychic/intuitive reading but done in a graph format. You don't need to be with me. I intuitively connect to you and sometimes your guides show up in the graph. The colors I use are the colors I see in your aura while I'm "building" your graph. Usually in the left lower corner is recent past; right lower, present; upper right, near future; and upper left, 6 or so months out. Sometimes other things come into play. I just let it flow intuitively. I am not an artist but you will be able to know the images. I will send you the graph along with a typed reading of the graph. The process will take about two weeks to complete depending upon how busy I am. I know you will enjoy! When you book, I will contact you to get your information.



Half-hour mediumship reading:  $50

Half-hour spiritual assessment:  $75

Half-hour intuitive/psychic reading: $50

Half-hour Telephone Readings: $45

Auragraphs: $65/graph

(You can combine psychic and mediumship.)

What People Are Saying About Louise Crandall

" Wow, how did you know about that broken arm; Only my sister and I knew how it happened.   You're amazing"  JK

" Holy smokes! I spoke with my friend John and he validated almost everything you said and was so grateful that his brother chose to say hello on the anniversary of his passing. You gave a wonderful gift to this family".  CP

11/7/21 "Today, I had the pleasure of an in-depth Spiritual Assessment with Louise. Embracing profundity, depth, and insight combined with a comforting presentation style, Louise presented a delightful, beautifully diverse and eclectic Spiritual Assessment experience. She connected with my Spirit Guides and gazed into my past, present and future potential as well as presenting an evidential offering from my Starseed Astrology Guide. Thank you Louise, for your moving and most heart-centered delivery. Such a brilliant assessment on my changing Spiritual journey. Louise comes highly recommended in this field . With gratitude, S. Clark"

Group Readings

We are currently scheduling group readings. Please contact me if that is what you desire. 10-15 people via zoom, or in person, Eastern FL region only.  

Readings Via Zoom

All readings are done online with my zoom account. Don't worry, it is just as effective as personally being there.

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