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Author/Medium Louise Crandall

About Louise Crandall​ Spiritual Medium

Author:  Into the Light, Phoenix Rising

Louise Crandall | Spiritual Medium

I have always been intuitive since I was young when I used to hear conversations going on in my room, usually on a Sunday night when trying to get to sleep.  I called them the gypsies who just kept talking to each other and keeping me awake! I was around 8 or 9 at the time and eventually, it stopped.  

In my teen years, I started reading books on spiritualism and also astrology. Anything that piqued my interest. When I moved out of our home into an apartment, I met a lovely lady who had just moved from England, where mediumship is accepted more, and we had like-minded individuals at the time and started having what we called seances with physical manifestations, but no real mediumship per se. That would come at a later date. We did see and feel those in the spirit world coming into our little circle and communicating the best they could. I started going to healing circles and also trance circles; I got to know some of my guides who were working with me.   

It wasn't until much later in life, with a tragic loss of a loved one, that I came back into the fold and found that I had mediumship ability (apparently passed down from my mother and grandmother) and so started classes with prominent mediums to hone my skills; first with Maureen Hancock, then John Holland and Lauren Rainbow,  Janet Nohavec, Andy Byng, Colin Bates, and mentorships with Tony Stockwell as well as Mavis Pittilla. I recently went to England to learn from tutors at Arthur Findlay College, where I found another tutor, Chris Drew, who piqued my interest and I have taken several classes with.  We never stop learning and growing and striving to do better for those who have passed and those still present.




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