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More Ocean Musings

As I walk the beach in the morning, I'm often looking at the way the tide comes in or goes out. I'm always aware of the way the waves come in, sideways, and then meet the other waves coming in sideways but they meet and go back out together. Kind of like people you meet or have a relationship with already, you meet and go back into your own space, either into the light, or into the darkness depending on your moment in time but you do it together. We are all connected by this God force within each of us, whether we are aware of it or not. I think about all the life incorporated in the ocean and all the different types of life there are from the birds, the plants, the fish, the shells, the sea beans arriving from the tropical forests and think what a great chance we have on this earth to meet and join and make a difference in someones life. How precious is this Earth we are privileged to be on. As I make my way through my ordinary day, I try to stay grateful for what I have, even if it is miniscule compared to what others have. Enjoy......

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